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How psychology and neuromarketing increase store revenue by 54%

Diede Vendrig

Persuasion Professional for Corpus

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Diede Vendrig

The challenge

How to unlock a store’s true selling potential with psychology?

It sounds so simple: creating a retail environment that provides an ideal backdrop for sales. Nonetheless, setting up a well-functioning buying environment is not as easy as it may sound.

Where should each category and product be placed? How many products are optimal? What lighting should be used? What sales copywriting is compelling? These are just a few of the many questions that our behavioral consultants ponder on when optimizing a store.

CORPUS is an educational attraction in the Netherlands where visitors can embark on an impressive journey through the human body. The organization felt that shopping is primarily a psychological affair, and should therefore call upon psychologists to optimize their brand new store.

Unravel Behavior prepared itself for a ‘Journey through the human body’, with the consumer brain as it’s ultimate destination.

‘The change in revenue can be considered as spectacular’ ”
Bert Strijker - CORPUS

How your customer brain works

The moment customers enter a store, their brains are shaken up in psychological cocktail. Every corner brings forward a limitless palette of products, colors, prices and persuasive appeals - which all beg for the customer’s attention. .

In order to process this stream of impulses, the subconscious part of our brains filter out a large portion of the information before it reaches consciousness. This can be considered a good thing, as we would go crazy within mere seconds after setting foot in a store.

For a product or marketing piece to tap into the subconscious mind, it must stand out visually, automatically communicate its relevance, which causes the consumer’s brain to switch gears to ‘purchase mode’. This can be considered quite a challenge, but behavioral science can get you a long way.

Project approach

Few visitors of CORPUS spend more time in the store than in the attraction itself, except for Unravel’s Behavioral Consultants. For a day, they observed the behavior store customers and investigated every detail in order to create a shortlist of high-potential opportunities for optimization.

Our retail scan culminated in a report with 21 recommendations – ranging from small tweaks to a few more apparent changes – all for the benefit of sales. It is important to note that these recommendations are not aimed at manipulating the customer into buying something they don’t want, but instead to make the buying experience of customers more pleasant, easy and interesting.

Measurable success

After our recommendations were implemented, we were eagerly looking forward to the first results, which required some statistical patience. Because daily fluctuations in store sales tend to follow a saw-like pattern, it requires patience to be able to notice an uptrend within the data.

After 60 days, we received a phone call from an ecstatic operations manager: the turnover per visitor had increased – and with a fantastic rate as well. Compated to the baseline of the same period last year, an increase of 54% more turnover per visitor was achieved.

This upwards tilt in sales is all the more impressive considering CORPUS only implemented ten of the 21 recommendations. With a great number of recommendations still to be implemented, there are many great results ahead.

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