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A tour through the unconscious brain

The real drivers behind human behavior are often astonishing and counterintuitive. This makes them of great practical value for organizations that want to better understand and influence the choice process of their customers.

At Unravel Behavior we keep getting excited about psychology and marketing day after day. And we are happy to share that enthusiasm with you!

In an Inspiration Session we reveal in a inspiring and interactive way how the unconscious brain directs our behavior and what this means for effective communication, design of environments and influencing behavior. Solidly grounded in science, but always immediately applicable in practice.

"Highly recommended"

"Invite the Unravel behavior team for an inspiration session. You will gain insight into what neuromarketing is, how it works and what the generic outcomes are. You will take this with you. Also, the way the men of Unravel bring it you won’t get bored a moment. Highly recommended!"

Norbert Zoet, Manager Innovation at DAS

Online Training

Unravel behavior provides the inspiration session internally at your company, for a fee of 450,-. If a research assignment follows after this sesison, this amount will be settled as a discount.
  • Neuromarketing Essentials
  • Advertising
  • Online Conversion
  • Copywriting

Did you know that…

…euro signs activate exactly the same areas of the brain as physical pain?

Did you know that…

…you can predict the hit potential of songs, brand preference and even future blockbusters in the cinema based on brain activity?

Our clients:

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You can go many ways with consumer psychology and neuromarketing. That is why we like to tailor the content of an inspiration session to what is interesting for your organization. Whether you’re dealing with online conversion, retail communication or behavioral interventions - we tailor the content and examples to your area of work. We determine the approach, duration and interactivity together in advance. This way you are assured of an inspiration session that you and your colleagues will not soon forget.

  • Presentation:
    Neuromarketing Expert Tim Zuidgeest
  • Where:
    On property
  • Duration:
    1-1,5 hours

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