Retail Consultancy

  • Evidence-based website optimization advise for retail and brands

  • Increase conversion rates and average basket value
  • Applicable to design, navigation, signing, shelf, packaging and price

Retail = Psychology

What makes a customer stay longer in a shop to interact with more products? What determines whether a sign grabs the consumer’s attention and activates to buy? What is the most strategic layout of products and prices? In short: which psychological triggers make the cash register ring?

Each of those questions ask for psychological retail insights in order to be answered. The consumer psychologists at Unravel Behavior can help you answer these questions. They translate the latest scientific insights on attention, persuasion, emotion and conversion into pratical optimization opportunities.

The science behind ringing cash registers

Your customers are no rational robots. Most of their decisions are made using the automatic pilot, which runs on emotion.

Which shopping areas are visited more, which packaging grabs the attention and which products are finally placed in the shopping basket is a psychological matter. Not rational, though steerable.

Unravel Behavior helps retail and brands worldwide to practically use scientific insights from psychology.


Upfront, we determine the scope of the project. What is being optimized, what goals are being pursued and which knowledge is necessary in order to do so.

  • The areas of application: store layout, navigation, shelf-planogram, merchandise, package design, pricing, etc.
  • Goal objectives: conversion, time spent on a website, attention, impulse purchases, experience, loyalty and brand appreciation
  • Essential sources of knowledge: is there existing knowledge directly applicable or is additional research, like behavior observation or neuromarketing research (Eye Tracking, EEG) needed?

Consumer psychology and neuromarketing

Unravel Behavior is extensively funded in consumer psychology and neuromarketing. We closely keep track of the latests insights in science and carry out research using Eye tracking and EEG continuously. Therefore Unravel Behavior can be seen as an international and prominent knowledge institute of consumer behavior.

Small changes. Great results.

We won’t advise you to turn around your whole concept. Retail psychology is mostly focused on sharpening the details in a store in order to promote desired behavior. 

“Unravel Behavior delivers exactly as promised: every week a clear report with new insights is sent by email. Really great!”

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Areas of application

  • Shopper convenience and navigation

  • Store experience

  • Shelf lay-out & POS-materials

  • Packaging

  • Pricing

  • Human interaction

  • Link with online sales

  • Link with branding

Did you know that

A average sign is seen by just 1% of all clients?

This is the result of a large scaled Eye-Tracking study. The good news: by using smart location, design and message, you can increase this percentage significantly

‘Eye level’ is not at all ‘Buy level’?

Most of consumer’s attention goes out to just below eye-level. At a height between 1.25 and 1.50 meters the number of sales is at its top.

A 100% filled shelf works actually sales decreasing?

When a shelf is completely filled, the number of product interactions and sales decrease significantly. The consumer implicitly feels that the product is unpopular. This effect is most strong with relatively unknown products and categories.

You should never put the two most popular products within a category next to each other?

Putting two popular options next to each other increases choice stress. Accordingly consumer will be more likely to walk on without buying anything. Spreading the popular brands across the shelft increases the number of seen product and overall category sales.

A package displaying the product sells better?

Displaying a visible product (by using a picture or transparent packaging) on the packaging increases the engagement in the brain because the product becomes more tangible.

24,80 sells better than 24,70?

Although the second price is in fact cheaper, this price feels less ‘nice’. The reason for this is that 24,80 forms a logical series (two times four is eight), which decreases the workload in the brain. Prices which are easy to process feel less painful.

Frequently asked questions

What are the lead times for a retail consult?

The lead times vary from a week for goal oriented advice on a specific problem, to four weeks for a complete store optimization report

With whom does Unravel Behavior work with?

Globally we write retail consults for two parties:

- Retail (store optimization, shelf optimization and signing)

- Brands (optimization of packaging and pricing)

Do you also write consults for online retail?
Unravel’s division for online conversion optimalization is specialized in the application of psychology in online A/B testing
How does Unravel stand out compared to other consultancy solutions for retailers?

Many other retail consultants focus on complete concepts and formulas. Even though a solid concept is an essential first step, there are many other chances in the area of more subtile psychological triggers for the customer. Unravel helps to use and optimize these triggers and move from ‘good’ to ‘great’. We analyse critically which specific changes in a store or product will lead to more revenues with great security.

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