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Researcher (PhD)

Nikki Leeuwis

"The mind is a machine to jump to conclusions"
My Story

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Nikki’s fascination for the human brain started at a young age. She started applying that interest in real life already back in high school, with a large neuromarketing report.. After completing a bachelor’s programme in Psychology and a minor in Artificial Intelligence, she celebrated her summertime with an internship at Unravel.

During the master’s programme Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence in Tilburg, she learned more about programming and machine learning and returned to the tower chambers of Unravel Research, where she is committed to two goals. First, the innovation of methods for analyses and conducting research projects. Second, she is doing her PhD research (PhD) at Unravel in collaboration with Tilburg University, for which she analyzes brain activity during product choices in the context of sustainability.

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