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Advertising & Communication Consultancy

  • Get practical advice based on scientific knowledge and neuromarketing for effective communication
  • Behavioral science checklist: is your communication effective?
  • Build your communication or ad campaign on an evidence based strategy

Prior to creation: Give your campaign a running start with insights from behavioral science. Our consultants help you create a high impact communication strategy that truly changes hearts, minds and actions.

Afterwards: We will analyze your campaign and provide practical evidence based recommendations for improving your campaign.

Does your campaign hit every psychological button just right?

Does your communication contain the right ingredients to help you reach your goals – whether it’s creating awareness, strengthening brand image or persuading someone to change behavior?

You want every aspect of your campaign to work hard to achieve your campaign goals. Whether you need your communication to stimulate certain behavior or prevent undesirable behavior; your communication must change thoughts, feelings and actions.

Even when you intuitively feel your campaign hits the right mark, it’s actually the subtle details that sway your communication in the direction of success. It’s essential to understand how the recipient's brain will react to the visuals, copywriting and overall timing of the communication piece. Effective communication is a psychological matter.

Our behavioral psychologists will analyze your campaign materials and provide you with specific, practical and clear recommendations based on tried and tested insights from behavioral psychology.

Get a running start with a strategy consult

The earlier in the creation process you bring in behavioral science, the more you can benefit from its potential to bring your campaign goals within reach. The conceptual phase of your campaign is therefore a fruitful starting point.

Even if your campaign appears strong at the surface, without getting every detail right, your message may fall flat. A powerful evidence-based communication strategy is therefore essential. Our behavioral science consultants are happy to help.

We will first analyze your campaign goals and target audience and will provide you with tailor-made advice recommendations on the most likely opportunities and pitfalls. Which scientific-based techniques can help you capture the hearts and minds of the target audience? Should any resistance be taken away – and if so, how? Which pitfalls do you need to avoid?

By building your communication strategy on a solid foundation of behavioral science insights, you dramatically increase the likelihood of achieving the desired campaign outcomes.

Why Unravel Behavior?

What makes communication persuasive? How to ensure your message gets across? How do you diminish resistance?

Each of these questions can be answered by insights from behavioral science. Most of our daily behaviors are driven unconsciously and on autopilot. Many of our decisions are made based on split-second judgments, emotions and heuristics. This causes us to oftentimes be dramatically influenced by subtle cues that steer us in the desired direction.

We make use of scientific knowledge, best practices in the field of social influence and our own insights from Unravel’s neuromarketing labs.

Unravel Behavior delivers exactly as promised: every week a clear report with new insights is sent by email. Really great!

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Timeline strategy

  • Day 1: Extensive kick-off meeting

    We start with a thorough exploration of your current communication strategy, goals and target audience. Besides, we will discuss which specific questions and themes you want to be consulted on. Together, we will outline the borders of the areas that should be included in our report. Finally, we will discuss your target audience and existing insights you may have about this group.

  • Day 2 to 5:

    We will review a large number of evidence-based principles and assess their relevance to the specific opportunities and challenges that characterize the current project. The insights are included from multiple sources, including peer-reviewed studies, data gained from our own neuromarketing research and industry best practices.

  • Day 6: Presentation of the advisory report

    Unravel Behavior provides a client-tailored and clear report. We will present our findings in a clear-cut fashion, allowing them to be easily implemented by the executive professionals.

  • From day 7 on.

    Although we always strive to make the report clear and actionable, additional questions can arise during the implementation of some recommendations. Your behavioral science consultant is available in case any further advice or support is needed during the first month after the report has been presented.

Frequently asked questions

What types of communication does Unravel Behavior consult on?
Behavioral science insights are applicable to many different formats of communication, including commercials (Online, TV and Radio), print, a letter or online advertising.
Does Unravel Behavior focus solely on the B2C market, or also on B2B clients?
We focus on both! Even though the mindset of both markets can at times be different (the ‘emotional’ consumer versus the ‘rational’ business decision maker), there are techniques suitable for each type of mindset.
We make use of a specific tone of voice, might this be a problem?
Not at all! Applying insights from behavioral science does not dictate a particular tone of voice or creative style.
Do you have experience in our branch?
As Unravel Behavior carries out communication consults every week, it’s highly likely our consultants have experience in your specific branch. Just get in touch with us to further discuss our experience in your particular industry.
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