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Expert review

  • The quickest way to increase your conversion rates
  • Evidence based approach, combining behavioral science, neuromarketing research and user analytics data
  • Get clear and actionable recommendations, most of which you can implement overnight

Even the best website in the world can become more persuasive, user-friendly and conversion oriented. In short: there are no ceilings when it comes to increasing online conversion. If you are not (yet) ready for A/B testing, but you would like to benefit from behavioral science insights to increase your conversion rate, our Expert Review is the perfect starting point.

The Expert Review will result in a clear and actionable report, outlining exactly which changes are most likely to boost the conversion of your website. Your website will be analyzed by our conversion psychologists who will deliver a clear, concrete report on which adjustments should be implemented – all backed by behavioral science.

Why Unravel Behavior?

Behavioral psychology – Neuromarketing insights – Usability data

To increase conversion as quickly and efficiently as possible, it is very important that the right things are tested. This distinguishes Unravel behavior from other companies in the market. For our conversion optimization clients we draw on our knowledge about:

Behavioral psychology

Buying behavior mainly occurs unconsciously and automatically. A purchase is often guided by subtle environmental factors.

We consider our knowledge on behavioral psychology as our secret weapon. Thanks to a solid knowledge base about online persuasion and usability, our in-house marketing psychologists know exactly which changes to your website will boost conversion.

Neuromarketing Insights

In addition to consulting on boosting conversion, Unravel Behavior frequently carries out neuromarketing usability research under the name Unravel Research. Combining the power of Eye tracking and neuroimaging (EEG), we are able to measure emotional user experience to the millisecond.

Neuromarketing research is able to bring unconscious bottlenecks and opportunities for optimization to surface. After years of research and analyzing website flows in different branches, Unravel has gained a rich database of exclusive insights of what works, what doesn’t and why. We continue to add new insights to this database every week.

User Analytics Data

Of course, in addition to the knowledge sources mentioned above, we also dive into your user data. Insight into the current behavior of your website visitors provides valuable input about the current use of the website and opportunities for optimization.

“I am really satisfied with the recommendations provided, we are surely implementing the adjustments proposed! The report speaks for itself, no additional explanation is necessary.”

Brent Broekmeulen – Jobe Sports

Timeline of a project

  • 1. Interview

    We start off with a short call on the boundaries within which we can advise. We discuss current questions, as well as technical limitations. This ensures the ultimate report is as effective and relevant as possible.

  • 2. Website analysis

    We analyze the current version of the website on three different aspects: behavioral psychology, neuromarketing insights and user data. We run through all possible flows from the home page till check-out and note all potential bottlenecks and opportunities for increased sales.

  • 3. Report

    The final report contains all insights and actionable recommendations that were derived from the website analysis. The adjustments are described in a clear and tangible fashion, making them easy to implement quickly. Where helpful, the recommendations are clarified with visual sketches to ensure they are implemented as intended.

    An Expert Review report mainly consists of tried and tested insights – meaning that previous A/B tests show that each of the recommended adjustments have a high likelihood of increasing conversion rate by 5-15%. This ensures your investment is profitable, even if only a partial selection of recommendations would be implemented.

  • 4. Presentation

    You will receive your report by mail, including clear descriptions and visuals. Our goal is to ensure your development team members have all they need to start implementing the tests directly! If more information is needed, we can schedule a meeting to discuss the findings further and answer remaining questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I start with conversion optimization?
After the intake, our behavioral science experts will get started directly with the website analysis. On average you will have the final report within 2 weeks.
What increase in revenues can I expect?
Of course, this depends on the amount of traffic, average order value and your current conversion ratio. The aim of our Expert Review is to focus on adjustments which have been proven broadly effective in earlier A/B tests for other clients. Therefore, each recommendation has a likelihood of increasing conversion by 5-15% on average. This makes the implementation of even a minority of the total amount of recommendations highly profitable.
What if I am not happy with the report?
While we have all reason to expect this will not be the case, you can use our ‘Money back guarantee’ in case you are not satisfied. We are happy to offer this guarantee as we are convinced of our services and knowledge.
I would like to optimize my website even further, is this also possible?
Surely, it is! If your website meets our traffic criteria, we are pleased to help you increase your conversion further through continuous A/B testing. In this type of collaboration, we continuously test our recommended adjustments in order to work constantly on boosting your conversion rates and understanding what drives your target customer better and better over time.



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