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The faces behind Unravel Behavior

At Unravel Research we peek into your customer's brain to make your marketing more effective.

Not only do we work with the most precise and comfortable equipment available in consumer neuroscience, but it's the people working at Unravel that unlock the technology's true potential.

We house a multidisciplinary team of researchers, behavioral scientists and marketeers. At this synergistic intersection, we find the source of knowledge for your brand to consistently gain more insights, more certainty and more sales.


Tom Van Bommel 2019

Tom van Bommel

Renee Overzichtspagina

Renee Göbbels

Persuasion Professional
Naat Sm Webjpg


Creative Designer
Nikki Klein Web

Nikki Leeuwis

Researcher (PhD)
Nieuw Tim Overzichtspagina

Tim Zuidgeest

2 Diede Vendrig 2019

Diede Vendrig

Team lead
Nick Overzichtspagina


Data analist & Researcher
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