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“More than 60% of the A/B tests carried out for CoolSafety were successful ”

Diede Vendrig

Persuasion Professional voor Coolsafety

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Diede Vendrig

Main question

Can B2B companies benefit from behavioral science and A/B testing?

The ecommerce company CoolSafety understands the importance of experimenting, learning from user data and working on your conversion rates.

Unravel Behavior is happy to support CoolSafety by fueling the A/B testing process with the latest behavioral science insights! Together, we’ve completed more than 35 tests, of which more than half (60+%) achieved a significantly positive result. A collaboration of which - as you may well understand - we are quite proud of!

Who is CoolSafety?

CoolSafety offers a wide range of protection products for workplaces at a fair price. For example, CoolSafety offers dust masks, gloves, safety glasses, and hearing protection.

Although it offers all the technological feats one could desire from a modern ecommerce company, first and foremost CoolSafety is a platform focused on building business to business relationships. In this respect, they differ somewhat from the typical consumer-oriented webshops.

Conversion optimization for B2B

At Unravel Behavior, we are able to achieve great results in conversion optimization as our recommendations and reports are deeply rooted in science, leaving the gut feeling behind. Our extensive knowledge base of behavioral psychology plays an important factor in this.

Often with small visual adjustments, for example aiming at increasing reliability, we achieve major differences in conversion rates.

We are often questioned: ‘We mainly have B2B customers, your psychological techniques will probably not work for them, won't they?’

The clear answer to this question is: ‘They most definitely will’, of which the results achieved for CoolSafety is clear cut proof. Psychology is everywhere – even in business to business sales.

Of course, it is important to take the mindset of the buyer into account. It’s true that B2B decisions lean a bit heavier on System 2 in our brain: the deliberate and reflective mode of thinking. In that case more rational techniques and adjustments that respond to increasing usability will work very well.

Does a website sell products that are mainly bought for emotional reasons? Then, you want to appeal to the brain’s emotional side. Think, for example, of earplugs that you buy for a festival on

But in the end it turns out once again: people are people and all people are sensitive to our hardwired psychological buy buttons.

The psychological pain of shopping: B2B vs. B2C

Something which will always be experienced as a psychological pain point during the online shopping trip, whether it is for business or private purposes, is the price of a product. Few people like the act of paying.

Luckily there are a lot of techniques within psychology to help you display your price optimally. With ‘optimally’ we mean: in a way that makes the price feel as cheap as possible.

Besides displaying your price in psychologically clever ways, you can also try to shift your consumer’s attention from the price to the product itself. This is what we also tested for CoolSafety.

A/B test example: focus less on prices

What we noticed during our website analysis of CoolSafety is that the total value of products in the shopping cart was clearly stated on the shopping cart button. Although this may seem to benefit the customer’s rational need for clear pricing information, this ensures an extra focus on the less joyful part of the shopping trip: the payment. So we wondered if this was an optimal design for the button.

What did the A/B test look like?

We designed a suitable A/B test. In this test, we deleted the total price, which swayed the customer’s focus from the price of the products to the products itself.

This is what it looked like:

The result of the A/B tests

The results were staggering. The removal of the price led to an increase in conversion of 14%, with a certainty of 89%. Therefore, our hypothesis was confirmed: by focusing less on the price of the products conversion rates can be increased. Which counts also for B2B customers.

By providing a business case, which showed how much more revenue CoolSafety would earn by implementing this single test, the adjustments were immediately implemented. Another fun fact: CoolSafety currently works on a new platform called in which all recommendations from our year-long collaboration are taken into account.

This test is just one of the many examples that illustrate the potential of psychology to make a serious difference for B2B ecommerce. There were many more interesting cases from which we learned a lot about CoolSafety’s target consumers. Such long-lasting collaborations result in accumulating knowledge of what makes your webshop visitor tick and click. Therefore we can optimize the webshop more efficiently along the way. So on to the next 35 tests!

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