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"An Contemporary and Iconic Experience"

Diede Vendrig

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Main Question

How can the Pier in Scheveningen provide a contemporary and iconic experience for visitors?

Change brings challenges.

Everyone in the Netherlands is familiar with it – De Pier in Scheveningen. Maybe from a stroll along the beach on a summer evening or a visit on a stormy day. Since 1961, the Pier has been an iconic experience, attracting both recreational and business visitors to this distinctive location, making use of the shops and dining establishments.

In recent years, the Pier has embraced change to evolve with the times. They aim to present a grander and more versatile character. During these changes, one of the main focuses has been the visitor experience, considering every step a visitor takes. Key values emphasized are safety, comfort, a contemporary feel, and accessibility for all. The challenge for the Pier was how to further radiate these core values, as over the years and due to heavy usage, some of these had somewhat faded into the background.

Our behavioral psychologists tackled this question and devised, based on psychological techniques and insights, often subtle adjustments to ensure an optimal visitor experience. From the way visitors are welcomed to the use of music, lighting, and signage to enhance the experience – every detail was considered.

How Did Our Behavioral Psychologists Approach This?

In this project, we again used the PATHS model, which involves five phases to achieve an effective intervention: Problem, Analysis, Test, Help, and Success. During the analysis phase, we observed visitor behavior and personally experienced walking through the Pier and participating in activities. Additionally, various visitors wore eye-tracking glasses while walking through the Pier. This allowed us to see exactly where they looked, what caught their attention, and what didn't, enabling us to identify strategic locations for effective communication. Lastly, we conducted interviews with visitors to better understand potential issues.

For example, during this problem analysis, we discovered that visitors didn't always feel 100% secure and had a sense that they needed to watch their belongings carefully. Unravel was challenged to reinforce this sense of security. We also found crucial opportunities to elevate the atmosphere, creating a spacious and tidy feeling on the Pier.

Following the analysis, we held brainstorming sessions and delved into the literature. During this phase, we explored the factors that would align the visitor experience with the Pier's core values. We answered questions like: What interventions will ensure comfort? What makes a visitor feel safe? And how can we create a contemporary atmosphere?

These sessions resulted in numerous recommendations, wherein small and subtle adjustments could shape a defining experience. For each recommendation, we explained the underlying psychological techniques and the expected impact of the change. This way, the Pier could concretely implement all the advice.

Small Adjustments, Big Impact

Combining eye-tracking, observations, and interviews, our behavioral psychologists pinpointed where the focus of the advice should lie.

We were able to advise on the optimal way to greet visitors, how playful elements could provide young visitors with a unique experience, and where to share information and where not to for maximum impact. With the eye-tracking data showing exactly where visitors looked, Unravel could also offer precise recommendations on how to layout the floor to guide visitors to an ultimate experience.

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