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Main Question

How can we optimize our website for increased conversion?

When designing a website, there are many aspects to consider.

That's why it's crucial that the design is both appealing and user-friendly, as you not only want people to visit your website, but also want them to take action. You want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to take actions like making a purchase or renting.

At Unravel Behavior, we assist many clients in optimizing websites to increase conversion rates, using our secret weapon: psychology. The majority of our choices as humans are made unconsciously, and the decisions we make while browsing a website are largely influenced by unconscious emotions. Our marketing psychologists understand the triggers that affect these unconscious decision-making processes, enabling them to nudge website visitors in the right direction.

SwitchCase - What They Stand For

SwitchCase is a startup that specializes in luggage rental. The company focuses on people with limited storage space. On average, suitcases are not used for about 50 weeks of the year, taking up unnecessary space for most of the year.

To solve this problem, SwitchCase offers high-quality and sustainable Samsonite suitcases for rent. Their mission is to make travel more sustainable and easier.

To effectively convey the concept of SwitchCase to consumers, it's essential that the website is well-executed. Therefore, we were tasked with optimizing SwitchCase's online rental experience and using psychological insights. After a thorough inspection of the current website, we provided SwitchCase with scientifically grounded advice on small website adjustments that could optimize the rental process. From previous experience, we know that even small (visual) changes can often make significant differences.

Getting to Work

The process we followed to enhance the SwitchCase website consisted of several steps.

Firstly, our team of behavioral psychologists analyzed the entire website, from the homepage to the checkout, paying attention to both more noticeable aspects and small details that can have a significant impact on conversion rates.

After this observational phase, we brainstormed about our findings and selected the recommendations that would have the greatest impact for SwitchCase.

Next, we outlined recommendations for optimizing the rental process, basing our findings on scientific research and knowledge gained from numerous A/B tests we've conducted in the past.

The Result: Concrete Recommendations

One of the improvements we recommended was to redesign the checkout form based on psychological insights.

Additionally, we recommended adding various buttons based on the commitment principle ‚Äď the principle that people like to be committed to things they have said or done before. We experience an unconscious urge to complete processes we've started, and it doesn't feel comfortable to stop a task we've already put effort into. The text we recommended for the buttons was based on fMRI research. This way, we know that using concrete and active language triggers more brain activation.

Finally, we compiled all recommendations into a presentation for SwitchCase, explaining each adjustment and providing psychological reasoning for each recommendation. Each adjustment was visually supported to give SwitchCase an idea of what it could look like.

Are you planning to travel and considering renting a suitcase or bag? Make sure to check out the SwitchCase website.

If you want to learn more about website optimization, behavior influence, or neuromarketing, we recommend taking a look at our other cases and engaging webinars. These offer valuable insights and serve as sources of inspiration.

Do you also have a challenge in the field of website optimization or behavior change?

Challenges like these make our psychological hearts beat a little faster. At Unravel Behavior, we're always eager to unlock our scientific treasure chest to make the world a bit more beautiful or safe. Do you also have a challenge in the field of behavior change? Don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to assist you!

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