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Main Question

How can Untire help more (former) cancer patients reduce their fatigue more effectively by increasing retention in the app?

How can Untire help (former) cancer patients reduce their fatigue more effectively by increasing retention in the app?

The Untire app serves as a "digital medicine" for (former) cancer patients worldwide. The innovative app, created by Tired of Cancer BV (ToC), focuses on reducing fatigue symptoms in cancer patients and enhancing their quality of life.

To aid as many patients as possible, ToC wanted to understand how they could ensure more users adopt and continue using the app. These questions align perfectly with the expertise of Unravel Behavior.

Because of the fact that successful behavior influence is deeply rooted in psychology and neuroscience, this is precisely what we at Unravel Behavior immerse ourselves in day in and day out.

The objective: more users, less fatigue

To effectively assist new app users, Untire requires certain user data and insights. This onboarding process, involving a few questions during the initial app use, demands some time and effort from users.

This poses a challenge for Untire since the effort involved can be overwhelming due to the fatigue experienced by the app's target audience. Hence, the question was: How can we increase the percentage of people who complete this process?

One piece of advice we offered was: celebrate when steps are completed. Not just at the end, but also midway through the process by complimenting the user for their effort. This moment of 'celebration' provides positive reinforcement, motivating users to persist.

Additionally, due to the commitment principle proposed by social psychologist Cialdini, users are more likely to complete the process. This principle explains that we humans dislike leaving tasks unfinished after investing effort. By emphasizing that users are already halfway through, the number of drop-offs will decrease (Cialdini, 1987).

Motivating users to spend more time in the app

Another challenge Untire faced was: How can we encourage users to spend more time in the app?

The app offers a plethora of activities, allowing users to choose exercises that match their current needs. However, the flip side is that, especially for fatigued individuals, making a choice can be challenging. This might lead a user to avoid making any choice and exit the app, which we want to prevent.

Hence, we recommended providing users with suggestions in the form of a question: "What do you feel like doing?" Here, the rule is: the easier you make it for users, the higher the chance they will take action (Willcox, 2020).

Neuro-usability research for Untire

In addition to insights from psychology and neuromarketing, we conducted a neuro-usability study for Untire. This involved evaluating the app using EEG and eye tracking to identify subconscious pain points and strengths, further enhancing user-friendliness. For instance, we discovered that the sliders used in the app led to frustration in the brain. This is unfortunate, as frustration can cause users to leave the app. With this brain insight, Untire was able to make the sliders more user-friendly, facilitating easier number selection.

In total, we provided 36 recommendations, the majority of which Untire has incorporated in an update. Over the coming period, they will compare retention figures before and after the adjustments to quantify the success. To be continued, as we, together with Untire, are eager to gauge the impact of the changes. 

Evidence-based improvement: merging neuroscience and psychology

At Unravel, we consider it crucial for the advice we provide to be based on scientifically validated insights. This is why our hallway proudly showcases the motto: "From Gut Feeling to Grounded."

To achieve this, we blend existing scientific knowledge in psychology, nudging, and behavior influence with insights from our own A/B tests and neuromarketing research involving EEG and eye tracking. This approach enables us to offer targeted, practical advice for improvements to our clients and develop successful behavior interventions. Do you have a challenge where our expertise could be of use? Please don't hesitate to reach out!

Do you also have a challenge in the field of behavior change?

Challenges like these make our psychological hearts beat a little faster. At Unravel Behavior, we're always eager to unlock our scientific treasure chest to make the world a bit more beautiful or safe. Do you also have a challenge in the field of behavior change? Don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to assist you!

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