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Main Question

How can Kampong encourage its members and visitors to make healthier choices?

A well-known name in Dutch amateur sports: Kampong boasts over 6,500 members and offers the opportunity to engage in up to 6 different sports. Founded in 1902 for football and cricket, today you might recognize Kampong for their top players in the world of hockey.

Kampong wants their members to be mindful of their health, and they've shown this commitment in recent years: compared to other clubs, the offerings in their canteen are perceived as above-average healthy, and in 2022, they experimented with a sugar-free month.

However, Kampong desired to further embed the idea of a healthy lifestyle among their members and visitors, without compromising the club's culture. This is where our team of behavioral psychologists stepped in, offering insights and techniques from behavioral psychology to suggest subtle nudges that could encourage more healthy choices at Kampong. We identified all the opportunities and potential obstacles, from product presentation in the sports canteen to influencing factors both within and outside the clubhouse.

How Did We Approach This?

For this behavior influence project, we employed the PATHS model. This model consists of five phases to establish the best intervention strategy: problem, analysis, test, help, and success. To develop an effective behavioral intervention, it's important to work step by step according to a model. It's crucial in the problem phase to first thoroughly understand the problem before designing an intervention that might not address the right issue.

In the analysis phase, it's essential to discover which factors truly influence behavior. Skipping this phase might lead you to select a scientifically proven intervention that affects other factors than those underlying the behavior you defined in the problem phase. Hence, we conducted interviews during this phase to assess the eating and drinking behavior of current visitors, and we personally visited the sports canteen, examining all potential factors that could influence Kampong members.

Both interviews and literature research revealed one of the biggest challenges: unhealthy choices in both eating and drinking behavior are deeply ingrained in Kampong's culture and, more broadly, in amateur sports. A beer and a snack are simply part of it: changing this culture cannot happen overnight and by Kampong alone. However, armed with scientific knowledge, we were able to devise various approaches to take significant steps in the right direction.

After the analysis phase, we brainstormed and created a process model that outlined all factors with positive and negative influences on the desired behavior. Then, we delved into the literature to explore subtle interventions that could lead to progressively healthier choices.

These steps generated a wide range of advice, some aimed at direct influence – at the moment of making choices in the canteen – and others at more long-lasting forms of behavioral and even cultural change. Each piece of advice explained the expected effect of the adjustment based on the psychological techniques underlying it, enabling Kampong to start implementation immediately.

Gentle Nudges Toward Healthier Alternatives

Through a combination of interviews, observations, and extensive literature research, our team of behavioral psychologists compiled a selection of the most effective recommendations into a report.

From the ideal menu layout to the optimal presentation of both sandwich arrangements in the display case and the sandwich itself, and how healthy competition fosters healthy behavior – the report covered all angles.

By comparing the behavior of Kampong members with observations in the sports canteen, we were able to provide targeted recommendations to maximize healthy choices among Kampong members, all while preserving the authentic feel of their club.

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